Smoking Policy

Olean Campus

Our smoking policy is as follows: residents are evaluated upon admission and as their conditions change and are a assigned a status of: independent smoker, supervised smoker, or light and leave. Visitors should never give a lighter or matches to any resident. A visitor may light the cigarette of the resident that they are visiting, but must remain with the resident while he/she is smoking.

As of June 1, 2007 The Pines-Olean Campus has been 100% smoke-free. Residents are allowed to smoke outside of the building.

Visitors do not have smoking privileges in the building or on county property.

Machias Campus

Per the Public Health Law, persons are not permitted to smoke inside the building. It is the policy of this facility to be a nonsmoking facility and to inform all residents seeking admission of this policy prior to admission. The facility acknowledges that individual residents may be noncompliant with this policy and that such occurrences will be individually assessed and care planned for safety purposes.