Machias Campus

The Pines Campus in Machias, New York. Jump to the section for this Campus



Residents have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain this week, via a narrated video/tour of Barcelona. 

Paint and Polish

Residents have the opportunity to get their nails painted.


Residents have the opportunity to play the Machias Pines version of Jeopardy with their peers. 

Coca-Cola Day

To celebrate Coca-Cola Day, activity personal will come around to the units with the treat cart to make Coca-Cola floats for the residents!

Prize Bingo

Residents have the opportunity to play bingo and winners get their choice of a prize from the prize cart.

Catholic Service

Catholic service provided by Father Dennis.

Order Out

Residents will have the opportunity to place an order for lunch from Crosby's and eat in the Grove amongst their peers.

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Church service provided by Lighthouse Baptist Church.