Pines Olean Update June 20, 2020

Hello Family and Friends of the Pines of Olean,
Please be advised that on the afternoon of June 20, 2020, Pines of Olean received results on our large scale employee COVID testing. Thankfully, we had multiple negative results. Unfortunately, we had 1 nursing staff test positive.  In an overabundance of caution, The Pines of Olean would like to offer all residents the option to be tested for COVID 19.  Please contact the nursing department if you would like your loved one tested.  Thank you for your time and understanding as we move forward in our effort to keep our residents and staff safe during these challenging times.

Kelly Reed
Deputy County Administrator/Acting Director of Nursing Homes
Cattaraugus County
(716) 938-2235: Office, Little Valley
Published on Sat, 06/20/2020 - 14:07 | Last Updated on 09/15/2020 13:30