Resident Personal Accounts

Olean Campus

Residents are encouraged to set up an account for personal needs, such as Barber/Beautician services, newspaper, Cable TV, shopping and entertainment trips, etc. This account can be set up at the Switchboard or in the Finance Office at any time. Withdrawals may be made Monday through Friday 8:30am-4:00pm by the resident or an individual that has a Power of Attorney on file in the Finance Office.

Deposits may be made at any time with the receptionist/switchboard, at which time a receipt will be given. For those residents covered by Medicaid and have Direct Deposit, their $50 monthly allowance will be automatically credited to this account.

For residents that are unable to sign for themselves, a family member can initiate a "Resident Withdrawal Authorization Form" allowing the Finance Office to withdraw funds from this account for specific reasons: hair appointments, monthly newspaper, etc.

Quarterly statements of account activity are given to the resident and/or their responsible party. A statement of activity is available upon request at the Finance Office at any time.